Maths Club

Aims :


  • The mathematics club aims to work for the interest of students.
  • To develop students mathematical curiosity.
  • To develop interpersonal relationship skills by conducting various activities related to Mathematics in our day to day life.
  • To arouse students interest in Mathematics so that they can become confident in using mathematics to analyze and solve problems both in school and in real life situations.
  • To train students logical thinking skills.

Objectives of the Mathematics Club :


  • Create an easy to learn concepts of maths.
  • Develop techniques for critical thinking.
  • Find paths to introduce math in creative and innovative ways.
  • Explore student’s potential as being mathematicians.
  • Help students with difficulties in Math.
  • Create a supportive learning environment for Math.
  • Encourage the study and appreciation of Mathematics.



                                                                                             Meet Our Students

Sr.No. Date Grade Activity
1 21/07/2018 I Identify and draw the things which are near-far, tall-short, thick-thin etc.
2 21/07/2018 II Making shapes like triangle, square, rectangle, circle of paper
3 21/07/2018 III To clear the concept of tens
4 18/08/2018 II Clap your hands and snap your fingers and tell the numbers.
5 18/08/2018 VII 1) The purpose of maths club is to develop student’s level of maths skills and knowledge.
2)The math club will support classroom learning, enrich their skills with higher order thinking and prepare students for future math competitions
6 18/08/2018 V 1)To develop interest in Maths
2)To get knowledge about divisibility
7 25/08/2018 III To identify the Indian currencies and coins
8 25/08/2018 IV Geometrical Shapes in various objects
9 25/08/2018 VI Understand and be able to use the language, symbols, and notation of mathematics
10 25/08/2018 VIII Making formulae booklet for Maths subject
11 24/09/2018 III Identify different types of Patterns
12 24/11/2018 II Coin and currency
13 24/11/2018 III Addition of two numbers by using bindis, match sticks and glue
14 24/11/2018 IV Exchanging big notes with small ones
15 24/11/2018 VIII Solved Cross Multiplication examples By using Butterfly Method and Making 9th Table by using two hand
16 12/01/2019 I Count object such as students may take out objects such as eg. Picking any 8 Leaves
17 02/02/2019 I Addition and subtracts numbers using 1to 9,eg –The child takes out 3 objects from a collection of 9 objects and count the remaining to calculate (9-3)=6
18 02/02/2019 II Pattern Making Activity.


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