Chairman’s Message

It is a real pleasure for me to welcome you to the K K Wagh Group of Institutions. K K Wagh has been synonymous with quality education for over 50 years and been a responsible member of India.

As Chairman of the KK Wagh Trust, I feel proud in sharing that the Trust has stayed true to its objective and vision throughout the years. We believe that quality education is the best and most assured route to prosperity and development in a society.

It is with this vision that our founding father, Shri Kakasaheb Wagh, followed by our beloved Trust President, Balasaheb Wagh (Bhau), contributed toward the development of rural India. Today, with over 30 institutes under its umbrella, K K Wagh provides programs for the complete and holistic development of child and youth in the urban and rural regions of Nasik. We offer courses in Engineering, Pharmacy, Agriculture, School Education, Fine Art and Performing Art along with traditional Arts, Science and Commerce courses. You may be surprised to know that at any given point there are more than 20,000 learners across the programs of K K Wagh.

Hon. Shri.Sameer B. Wagh(Chairman),
K.K Wagh Education Society, Nashik.

Our alumni continue to excel in various fields and are leading teams in international corporations. When someone asks, “How do I measure the success of KK Wagh?” I reflect on two crucial attributes; Firstly, we have students whose parents graduated from this very campus… what else can be a true testament to the value that we offer for generations to believe in us! Secondly, the longevity of the members of K K Wagh in the system. The springboard that we provide students is built by dedicated staff who believes in the vision and values of K K Wagh. Year after year, decade after decade they have worked with the same zeal.

Today, we stand at a very interesting crossroad in the field of education. “The competitiveness of a nation comes from its people and the human capacity comes from education.” The proposed National Education Policy, 2020 has come with exciting opportunities for learners and academicians. It demands dedication, authenticity and innovation from educational institutes to develop skilled and valued citizens for sustainable development. Half a century ago, K K Wagh led the movement for top-class institutions. Again, the time has come when major institutes will have to lead the 21st century to implement the NEP. At KK Wagh we are ready for this challenge and are committed to lead the next phase. I invite you all to experience and engage with the K K Wagh Trust in this new phase.

KK Wagh - Contributing to Nation Development by Building Human Capacity.

Warm Wishes

Sameer B Wagh.


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