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All online classes and activity are excellent all teachers are good explaining about the topics the online classes teacher give their best performance and  teacher teaches us the lesson in easy language in covid-19 our school are stopped but the teacher gave us the top education

--bhagyashri Prashant bachhav

it is really a very nice experience of online classes..All the respected Teachers deserve for this..All the teachers doing hardwork for this online classes..visual aids are very useful.Online class improves our application knowledge...Though this is true but I really  miss my school and teachers very much

-- Pradip Patil

We are enjoying online classes too much....Teacher are teaching very nicely!!We are geting extra information by video,ppt,photos & videos of teacher which they are sharing on Google classroom....Thank you all the teacher....Excellent..!!!!

-- Pravin Trambak Khairnar

First to thank you all teachers . All teachers are doing their job very nicely. Students are connected teaching in this covid -19 condition .and for this thanks for  teachers and principal mam. Teachers are repeating the points those student are not understanding.But teacher should give the chance for every students  reading and for answer .

-- Dhanashri Nanak Done

सध्याच्या कोरोना काळात ऑनलाईन टिचिंग चालू आहे. वर्ग भरत नाहीये त्यामुळे मुलांना शिक्षणाच्या संपर्कात ठेवण्यासाठी हा एक चांगला पर्याय आहे. परंतु वर्गात मुलांना शिकवलेल जेवढं समजत किंवा त्यांच्या अडचणी जेवढ्या समजतात, शिक्षकांच्या त्या लक्षात येतात ते मात्र ऑनलाईन कलासेस मध्ये तेव्हड्या क्षमते ने होत नाही.

--मुकुंद सूर्यवंशी

We all are enjoying this online session .....As it includes Activities, classwork, homework, and all.....And also we are Thankfull to your efforts for all of us in this covid 19 situation......Also all are  understanding ur teaching.....
-- Swati kailas Jadhav

All the respected teachers are taking a lot of efforts with new teaching style. All are teaching best and they are doing justice to their work..
Hats off to their work.

-- Mukesh Jeetendra Ahire

We are thankful to all teachers for their support.Teaching is very well and my daughter understand all the concepts. Good going Absolutely Very nice teaching  by all teachers. All classes goes on time. Extra curriculur activities are nice too. 
-- Mrs. Sarika Varde..

Online classes is very good options this time and all teachers are doing great job. They are helping students. Thanks to all teachers 
-- Mrs. Rupali Gite

I really appreciate your efforts in continuation of teaching. We are enjoying online learning.
All teachers are conducting extra curricular activities along with regular teching - learning. I think all the activities of the school are well planned. 
Heartly thanks to all the teachers for their endless efforts.

-- Mansi Kamlesh Jadhav

I really appreciate that the school has taken initiative to conduct online classes.  All teachers are doing their best to help us understand every concept besides being a new way of teaching for them. Taking doubts after session. These  classes have turned out to be very good.
-- Smita Pravin Kumawat

Respected teachers, In covid duration online classes helped students how to study & helped to cleared various concept all subject, all time you are supporting our children, thank you so much teacher.

--Monali kalias jadhav

Greetings, Respected Teacher Due to Corona you are conducting nice online Method which is direct meeting with students. You mean all staff taking lot of efforts in regard to teaching. No doubt students are enjoying lecture and it could be understand easily keep same method in ' unlock ' period. Thanks to all teachers 

--yashodhan Ajay Fulmamdikar

Hello all respective teachers,all online classes are conducted by all teachers are very good,all teachers teaching very well,children are enjoying their classes but of course miss their school.We are very sufficient about online classes,thank u to the teachers,school and all staff for their passionately work and help to the students in such hard period 😊🙏.You all doing great work thanks again.

-- Rakshita Charudutt Wagh

We are very thankful to all K.K.Wagh School, Principal mam,All teachers for this wonderful opportunity for our students. Students really now a days getting boared but Summer camp activity is like "Sanjivani" for Parents . Children really enjoyed a lot and learn so much thing like craft, singing,as well as maths, languages etc. They are very happy.Once again thanks to all of u for this great holiday... 


-- Arpita Deshmukh 

All the session were very informative and related to students studies,each subject helped the student to be connected to their studies. Thank you all the teacher to give your precious time to serve our children. Thanks a lot.


-- Abhini Sable

Respected HM & All Teachers, We all highly appreciate your kind efforts for making this online summer camp event sucessful. Keep up the good spirit. Also active participations done by all Students and all parents towards making this event a great achievement. Take Care all, stay home stay safe.


-- Krishna Tupe

A big thanks to school management and teachers. We all appreciate the hard work of the teachers for such new and exciting activities. Your efforts help us to understand our kids in a better way. All the activities were very well planned and effectively conducted. It was designed in such a way that children were very much involved in it. This summer camp developed a very good bond between parents and children..Thank you once again....


-- Deepika Chavan


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