Integrity Club

Aims :


  • The club aims to faster a love for language , enhance literary creativity and provide an avenue for self-expression beyond the school curriculum.
  • To inculcate among students a fondness for language and enhance their literary skills.
  • To encourage students become orators to display their intellectual and independent thinking skills.
  • To promote communication skills of students and help in team word, ability to speak and emote before an audience.
  • To promote the ability to organize & analyze the available resource to present ideas, creativity and artistically.

Objectives of the Literary Club :


  • The objective of the club is to expose to new vocabulary, to enhance public speaking skills to improve communication skills.
  • To develop learning, speaking, reading and writing (LSRW) skills.
  • Getting rid of stage fear & developing self confidence.
  • To eradicate any fear in ones mind regarding proficiency in any language.


                                                                                                      Meet Our Students

Sr.No. Date Grade Activity
1 21/07/2018 III 1)To make them aware with rhythm
2)To recite the poem with proper stress and Intonation
2 21/07/2018 III To make them habitual
3 21/07/2018 III Marathi activity Making a swing
4 25/08/2018 III To make them aware with scientific Reasoning
5 18/08/2018 V 1)To increase more vocabulary of English
2)To get knowledge of new words.
6 25/08/2018 IV Conversations on various topics
1)To develop oral and linguistic skills among students
2)To increase vocabulary
7 25/08/2018 VI 1)To know about the constitution
2)To increase the confidence among the students.
8 25/08/2018 VIII Conversation skill in English
9 15/09/2018 I Listen and act:-
Do the action by listening following action words. Clap, tab, sing, walk, jump, touch
10 22/09/2018 II Design of half circle Activity
11 24/09/2018 III Information about various Festival
12 24/11/2018 IV A game on 4 language skills
13 24/11/2018 VIII Information about historical places
14 01/12/2018 VI To know the uses and importance of ATM(Hindi Activity)
15 17/12/2018 VI 1)To understand the importance of solar system
16 22/12/2018 V 1)Students will learn basic grammar
2)Students will learn proper definition
3)Students will learn and clear their
17 12/01/2019 I Dough Shape Activity:-
Students Prepared different kinds of Dough Shapes and decorate it using seeds.



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