Rules and Regulations

Instructions for Students:

1. Students are expected to be in their class room as per the first warning bell will be rung in school.
2. Students are supposed to take their place for the Assembly in silence.
3. Great stress is laid on punctuality, regular attendance and discipline. Absence without prior permission on the first day of the class after any vacation is a serious offence. The same applies to important days such as 15th August and 26th January. Offenders will be charged a fine of Rs.100/- New admissions are liable to lose their seats if they fail to report on the first day of school.
4. Every student should exhibit courteous behaviour and good manners towards parents, teachers and school authorities.
5. To safeguard the name of the school, students must show exemplary conduct both in and outside the school. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness objectionable moral influence or a week's inexcusable absence and above all discourtesy or disrespect to teachers are sufficient causes for dismissal.
6. Students suffering from contagious diseases will not be admitted to school unless they bring a fitness certificate from a regional medical officer.
7. scribbling on walls, desks and books is strictly forbidden. It is a bad habit and highly detrimental to the good tone of the school.
8. When students move along the corridors or when they change classes, they must walk in silence and should always keep to the left. The teachers in the class should be the last to leave.
9. Any damage done to the school property has to be made good. The decision of the H.M. regarding the amount to be paid is final.
10. Care should be taken not to throw papers, fruits peels or any other litter in the school premises. Students should use the baskets and bins provided for the purpose.
11. No books ( other than those required for class work, newspapers or periodicals) may be brought to school without the permission of the H.M.
12. It is not advisable for students to have money or valuable articles with them. The school will not be responsible for books, money or articles that are lost.
13. Students are forbidden to give their teachers individual or collective presents.
14. Students are expected to wear only ethnic dress in the school on their birthdays.
15. Any communication ( request or complaint) made by the parents should be addressed to the H.M. and not to the class teacher, all correspondence from the school to the parents or guardians must go through the H.M.
16. No one is allowed to send a student home or to leave the school premises without the permission of the H.M.
17. All are expected to speak English in school.
18. The use of mobiles in the school campus by parents, teachers and the students is not permitted.
19. If a student’s is found using a two / four wheeler, the keys will be confiscated and the parents will have to report to the office and a fine will be charged.


1. Parents or guardians are expected to co-operate with the school authorities by enforcing discipline, by seeing that their children or ward prepare their lessons and by taking an active and helpful interest in the activities of school.
2. Pupils should be present in time to school.
3. Parents or guardians are expected to see that their wards come to school with the necessary books and stationery. Pupils repeatedly forgetting to bring the necessary books etc., will be sent back to home.
4. Application for leave of child should be made by the parents or guardians themselves in writing.
5. If a pupil is absent due to illness, the Head Mistress should be informed at once. 6. Parents or guardians are requested to use the Absence / Leave Record at the end of the calendar.
7. Please see that the pupils attend to their homework, at home properly.
8. Parents or guardians must sign the Progress report and if any remark or message is sent to them through the diary of their ward & check the Pupil's Daily diary regularly.
9. A pupil returning to school after infectious or contagious deceases should attend the class.
10. Every guardian is requested to see that his ward wear complete uniform prescribed by the school.
11. It is expected from the parents to visit frequently to our official websites:-


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