School Committees

Our school is a gardener, seeds of faith , truth and love that develop into the flowers of character, virtue and happiness in the lives of our children. Adorned with sprawling lush green campus, the school wishes to broaden the overall perspective. The school is a temple and knowledge is power. And we are developing multi-faced personality in our child. Childhood is like a mirror, which reflects in after life the images first presented to it. It is better to keep children to their duty, by sense of honour and by kindness than by fear.

Board Of Directors Of K.K.Wagh Education Society, Nashik Name of the Members Designation
1 Hon. Balasaheb D. Wagh (Bhau) President of K. K. Wagh Education Society
2 Shri. Ashok Ratansey Merchant Trustee of K.K.Wagh Education Society
3 Shri. Changdeorao B. Holkar Trustee of K.K.Wagh Education Society
4 Shri. Sameer Balasaheb Wagh Trustee of K.K.Wagh Education Society
5 Dr.Keshav N. Nandurkar Trustee of K.K.Wagh Education Society
6 Dr.Shirish S. Sane Trustee of K.K.Wagh Education Society
7 Shri. Milind Balbhim Murugkar Trustee of K.K.Wagh Education Society
8 Dr. (Mrs.) Priti D. Bhamare Staff Representative of K.K.Wagh Education Society
9 Shri. Kallapa S. Bandi Secretary of K.K.Wagh Education Society

School Management Committee

Sr. No Name of the Members Designation
1 Hon. Shri. Balasaheb D. Wagh Chairman
2 Hon. Shri. Changdeorao B. Holkar Member
3 Hon. Shri. Ashok R. Marchant Member
4 Hon. Shri. K. S. Bandi Member
5 Mrs. Madhuri V. Niphade Member
6 Mr. Pravin S. Kulthe Member
7 Mrs. Ashwini S. Pawar Member


Sr.No Name Designation
1 Mrs. Chetna N.Telrandhe Member
2 Mrs. Madhuri V. Niphade Member
3 Ms. Suchita N. Vispute Member
4 Ms. Priti N. Walokar Member
5 Ms. Nilima K. Bhandarkar Member

Internal Exam

Sr.No Name Designation
1 Ms. Sarika P Walke Member
2 Ms. Zamina N Shaikh Member
3 Ms. Aruna B Sonawane Member

Vishakha Committee

Sr.No. Name of the Members Designation
1 Mrs. Ashwini S Pawar Chairman
2 Adv. Vandana T Patil Vice Chairman
3 Mrs. Madhuri V Niphade Secretary
4 Ms. Suchita N Vispute Joint Secretary
5 Mrs. Ashwini M Patil Member (Parent)
6 Ms. Aarti S Jagtap Member (Parent)
7 Ms. Archana C Jadhav Member (Parent)
8 Ms. Mangala M Patil Member (Police Department)
9 Dr. Vidya D Wagh Member
10 Ms. Khushi Borase Member (Student Std VIII)
11 Ms. Vedika Thakare Member (Student Std VII)
12 Ms. Samiksha Chaudhari Member (Student Std VI)
13 Ms. Palak P Sancheti Member (Student Std V)

Competetative Exam

Sr.No. Name of the Members Designation
1 Mrs. Madhuri V. Niphade Member
2 Ms. Sarika P Walke Member
3 Ms. Shobha G. Bharambe Member
4 Ms. Varsha T. Hyalij Member


Sr.No. Name of the Person Designation Category Remark
1 Mrs. Ashwini Santosh Pawar Chairman OPEN Headmistress
2 Mr. Sureshkumar Dinkar Dabhade Vice Chairman OPEN Vice Chairman
3 Mrs. Sneha Sandip Jadhav Joint Secretary OPEN Joint Secretary
4 Mr.Dhanraj Karbhari Satpute Joint Secretary SC Joint Secretary
5 Mrs .Mamta Sandeep Shewale Class Representative(I) OBC Parent Representative
6 Mrs.Archana Ajay Bhope Class Representative(II) NT-B Parent Representative
7 Mr. Pundalik Yashwant Chaudhary Class Representative(III) ST Parent Representative
8 Mrs. Manisha Vijay Madre Class Representative(IV) VJ-NT Parent Representative
9 Mr.Chandrakant Daulat Bhamare Class Representative(V) OPEN Parent Representative
10 Mr. Somnath Dattatray Chikhale Class Representative(VI) OPEN Parent Representative
11 Mrs .Sunita Manoj Pardeshi Class Representative(VII) NT-B Parent Representative
12 Mr.Vijay Baburao Pawar Class Representative(VIII) OPEN Parent Representative
13 Miss. Archana Shantilal Thakare Secretary OBC Secretary


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